Windows 10: another problematic update!


For the second time in 15 days, an update of Windows 10 is causing big problems for users and we obviously advise to wait before installing it. This is the update numbered KB4532693, released on February 11th.

It is a set of patches that improve the security of Internet Explorer and Edge, the Office suite but also peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard and stylus.


An update that seems trivial in appearance but whose effects have been disastrous for some people since users can no longer access their profile when the computer is restarted.

Another problem with Windows

More precisely, all the data related to their profile has disappeared! Files, settings, icons, wallpapers and other applications no longer appear, and this is obviously a panic.

For the second time this month, an update of Windows 10 is causing malfunctions. This time, it is a set of patches that removes data and settings related to a user profile. Luckily, nothing is deleted and it is possible to find your files.

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